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About us


Mr. Maejima came to Singapore on 6th January 1987. He was assigned as a representative of H.NOBU & CO.,LTD.
Because of strong yen rate, the company founded a branch office in Singapore for sales and marketing. On the 12th of March, we got a registration of the name of our company, “NOBU MARINE SUPPLIES PTE LTD”.
We supplied some provisions and ship stores to British ships, Norwegian ships and other country’s ships.

②1988 We also supplied to Japanese ships, cooperating with Kyoei Marine in Japan.

The headquarters, H.NOBU, closed the office in Japan.
NOBU MARINE SUPPLIES PTE LTD was independent from H.NOBU as Mr. Maejima became a 100% shareholder.


We moved our office to expand more wide range of business.
For multiple managements, we added some new works, helping in crew change, arranging a doctor and so on.

⑤1997 Kyoei Marine founded their branch and NOBU MARINE moved its office.

We merged with SUNRISE TRADING PTE LTD to expand our business.
In the meantime, we opened our agency department. We had 3 departments – provision supply, ship store supply and shipping agency.


We opened our branch office in Dubai U.A.E. We cooperated with a local company,
We assigned a Japanese staff and provided our services to Japanese ships. We changed our company name from NOBU MARINE SUPPLIES PTE LTD to NOBU MARINE PTE LTD.


We opened a new Rotterdam office in Holland in February. We cooperate with the ROTTERDAM SHIPSTORE B.V. to expand the Europe market and the global services.


We merged with Nobu Marine Ltd, in Kobe Japan.